Mentoring Workshops

Personal Mentoring package


Brian is an experienced expert in facilitating professional learning for harmony leaders and conductors. He offers a 1:1 Personal Mentoring package of 10 sessions (face-to-face or remote) supported by a competency workbook:

Personal Mentoring package $750 – 10 sessions


Session 1: 2-hour consultation/evaluation


Sessions 2-4: self-evaluation notes, Brian’s written feedback, 30 min consultation to debrief evaluation and address any questions you have


Session 5: Review of a video of you conducting (selected excerpts conducting 1-2 songs) – 45 mins evaluation and consultation


Sessions 6-8: 30 min as for sessions 2-4


Session 9: Video review (as for session 5)


Session 10: Rounding off, ways forward (1 hour)

Skills and concepts include: Conducting, Song Choice, Teaching Model, Singing Model, Chunking Techniques, Starting Notes and moving around parts, Icebreaker exercises and Warm-ups, suggested choir resources.


Brian offers a suite of workshops, intensives and private lessons that provide a learning pathway and sequence for vocalists and conductors/harmony leaders. 

Harmony Leader Training

This is an introductory workshop for learning the skills and concepts you need for teaching a song in harmony. These include conducting skills and techniques, body language skills, chunking (how to take parts of the music and put it back together), harmony skills in holding a part, how to convey that to singers you’re working with, song choice and gauging levels of difficulty with a song.

Advanced Harmony Leader Training

Brian has developed a series of Advanced Harmony Leader Training extension workshops which can be undertaken on their own or as a package/intensive. These modules are accompanied by competency workbooks. He also offers 1:1 mentoring and coaching. Brian’s aim is to create a training package that serve as an industry standard for harmony leaders.

Music teachers’ professional development workshops

Brian provides customised harmony leader training to suit school music teachers in both primary and secondary contexts. In these workshops he covers contemporary vocal techniques, harmony stabilising skills, voice maintenance for teachers and to pass onto students, vocal conducting skills, and conducting techniques for different styles such as gospel, pop, jazz and world music. 

Corporate team building

In corporate team building sessions, Brian uses elements of his Joy of Singing, Body Percussion, Spoken Voice Training and Voice Power workshops to create group awareness, awareness of own behaviour and self in response to the group, full body awareness, presenting and communicating information, group communication through the modality of singing / body percussion.

Choir polishing

Brian has been called the ‘Choir Whisperer’ for the way in which he will work with your established choir to polish their existing material, improve what they’re doing vocally and as an ensemble. He offers the option of working with you, the conductor and how you’re interacting with the choir, polishing your conductor’s skills and developing group skills in order to work as a symbiotic unit.

Rural and regional harmony outreach program

Brian has lived and worked in a number of rural and regional areas and understands the difficulty in establishing a choir without harmony leader training and support. Brian will customise a program to support a community choir establish in your rural or regional area. He can run choir sessions online via Zoom, training the choir leader to be able to take over.