Tropical Song Fest Singers 2023




Includes 14 Tracks of recordings of Songs sung by the Tropical Song Fest Singers during the workshop.

Additional Information

Tropicals Song Fest 2023 – Singers Collection, Track 1. TSF2023 Ke Arona 1, 2. TSF2023 Aint Gonna Study War 1, Track 3. TSF2023 Gebowa 1, Track 4. TSF2023 Yelele 1, Track 5. TSF2023 Salaam 1, Track 6. TSF2023 Aint Gonna Study War 2, Track 7. TSF2023 Gebowa 2, Track 8. TSF2023 Yelele 2, Track 9. TSF2023 Run Through Ke Arona, Track 10. TSF2023 Run Through Aint Gonna Study War, 11. TSF2023 Run Through Gebowa, Track 12. TSF2023 Run Through Salaam, Track 13. TSF2023 Run Through Yelele, Track 14. TSF2023 Heart Sound Whoosh End Clap

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